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The search engine robots don't see your website like you do, they only read the code (and not all of it, either). Effective SEO is about knowledge, not experimentation or black hat trick methods, such as link farms. Clean code is always a good start and we write clean code - the starting point for good SEO and web development.


What's all this about META TAGS?
The truth is they're still important, despite the fact that Google ignores most of them. We write optimised 'META' tags for all search engines, not just Google.

Did you know there's one tag in a web page that is more important than all the others put together and many web designers do not write this tag correctly?

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Next, we look at the client content. We suggest changes, add more depth and determine placement on the page according to theme etc. Most of our clients' visitors comment on the ease of use of our client's web pages - we do try and think of the poor user as well as ourselves!

Google optimisers - page one results
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Professionally written code for better robot visits
Well-written prose and textual content achieving balance between user experience and search engine bot requirements
Accurate authoring of META tags makes for better referencing
Keyword density, basic stuff for SEO experts
Successful and ethical linking methodologies leading to better 'off-the-page' optimisation
...and they you are! The first page of Google and other search engines. It's not rocket science, but it's not far from it!
Guaranteed placements on Google
By starting with the search engines in mind, we create a site that search engines like Google love.

It's all about knowledge

FACT : Search engine optimisation (SEO) - the very heart of web design is largely ignored by most web desgners.

FACT : Most web designers are not Google experts and have limited knowledge of this complex and vital aspect of web development.

FACT : Large web design companies actually farm out the SEO to other companies.

FACT : Most web design companies leave the SEO till the end of the job.

ONE STEP AHEAD are different and that's what sets us apart from the rest. It's all about knowledge.

Want to know more about One Step Ahead? Call the Google experts on 01189 315 0184 or drop us a line and we'll be pleased to help. We've been doing this for over 11 years and together have over 80 years' combined experience. We'll still be here when you need us whether it's next week or next year.
BE NUMBER ONE! Google, MSN, Yahoo!, SEO experts One Step Ahead will get you there - ethically and organically. No black-hat methods and dodgy tricks that get your site banned!


Not really that important when we build your pages; we've got a number one position on Google for a client with competition of 39 million results, but the page has actually got very little content. It's all about knowledge, as we keep saying. Newbury lead generation


We can advise and assist you in building a strategic links policy, but be careful about linking - most of it's a complete waste of time, and some methods can get your website blacklisted on Google. Once blacklisted, you'll be at Google's mercy as to when (or whether at all) they will re-index your website. Definitely not a trial and error business, SEO - it's about knowledge and there's no substitute for that.

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